Is a bamboo pillow a good choice?

Bamboo pillow

You may have heard that bamboo pillows are creating a huge interest on the internet and in the stores, but why is this? Let’s examine the reasons why this is.

You could just change your pillow for a new one, so is a bamboo pillow a better alternative? Well, bamboo pillows are suitable for all year long use as the fibers of the plant are very adaptable. The fabric made from bamboo is soft to the touch, 100% natural hypoallergenic, antibacterial and very eco-friendly. The fibers can absorb moisture that most pillows do not and they neutralize nasty smells and odors very effectively, this leads to a pleasant sleep.

The unique composition of the fiber creates air pockets that give the pillow extra plumpness, Many of the pillows on the market can be adjusted for height and softness for that feeling of comfort. One point that is worth remembering is that there are many different types of bamboo pillows on the market today, some are of better quality than others, it’s worth comparing online bamboo pillow reviews before making a purchase online or in store.

So what are the pros and cons of bamboo pillows? For a start there are over 1500 different species of bamboo plants that grow on every continent in the world. The uses for bamboo are huge from, house, bedding, furniture, musical instruments and even scaffolding!

One of the advantages of bamboo pillows is that they are suitable for allergy sufferers, this is because of the hypoallergenic qualities that the plant has and this stops the development of bacteria. The fabric absorbs moisture, repels odors and thus the skin remains cool and not sweaty in the night. The texture of the bamboo pillow is a lot softer than most pillows, especially cotton and the color of the fabric remains true for a lot longer.

The cons are that the pillows are generally more expensive than a standard pillow and that may not suit everyone’s budget. I think that a purchase like this will be worthwhile in the long run and will save money over time, especially when consider how much a good night’s sleep is worth?

Which is the best bamboo pillow on the market today, I would go for the Good Life Essentials bamboo pillow personally, what do you think of this choice? At the end of the day it is a personal choice, but always remember sometimes a higher priced item will be better quality. Have a read of my bamboo bed sheets review too.

Until the next time, thanks for reading!

bamboo pillow

bamboo pillow


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