Cariloha bamboo sheets vs LinenSpa bamboo sheets

Cariloha bamboo sheets vs LinenSpa bamboo sheets

We are going to look at two of the most popular bamboo sheets and find out which is best in this head to head test of Cariloha bamboo sheets vs LinenSpa bamboo sheets!

A little background information on bamboo fabric that is important to note. The bamboo cover on this pillow is made from bamboo rayon which has been treated with chemicals to form the bamboo, but in its natural state bamboo does not need any pesticides to grow and be cultivated. This is a major reason why bamboo is an eco-friendly choice for bedding.

Bamboo fabric is incredibly soft to the touch and it lasts a lot longer than cotton or polyester, that colors are more vibrant and fade less quickly too. The fabric has a unique wicking ability that draws moisture away from the body, which is great for body temperature regulation.

First of all both sets of bamboo sheets are made from 100% rayon bamboo and both are hypoallergenic.

Cariloha bamboo sheets

  • From $179
  • 3 sizes, Queen, King and California King
  • 5 colors

The first sheets we tested were the Cariloha bamboo sheets and we were impressed by the quality of the fabric, they were incredibly soft. We tested the sheets for a week and the nights were hot, but we didn’t feel sticky at all, in fact these bamboo sheets kept us cool all night.

These sheets are fitted and elastic all the way around, even though they have a sateen finish, they did not slip all night. When we woke up in the morning, they were still crisp and tight, very impressive! I have tried sateen sheets before and they have slipped under us all night and that does not make for comfortable night’s sleep.

These sheets are more expensive than most others at $179 for Queen size, they come in 5 colors and 3 different sizes. My husband and I loved these sheets, they were comfortable, cool when it was hot and non-slippery.

LinenSpa bamboo sheets

  • From $47
  • 6 sizes, twin, twin XL, full, Queen, King, California King
  • 4 colors

Our second review is for the LinenSpa bamboo sheets, we tried these a month ago and we are impressed by them so far, we are alternating between these and the Cariloha sheets. These sheets are excellent value at $47.99 for the Queen size, the fabric is silky soft and they do not slide around either when we are sleeping.

The moisture wicking ability of bamboo is really quite accurate with these sheets, even after having a shower and climbing into bed damp, we dried off quickly and the sheets did not feel damp. Bamboo is a superb fabric for this wicking ability.

The sheets come in 6 different sizes and 4 colors, we bought the white sheets. They have elastic all around the sides and they have never slipped once yet, they are a perfect fit! The quality of the fabric is fantastic for the price and they are very well made too.


This is a difficult one as both bamboo sheets are superb, this will come down to the price. If you can afford for the $179 for the Cariloha bamboo sheet, then I recommend these, but at $47 the LinenSpa bamboo sheets are superb value for money if your budget cannot stretch to Cariloha. These these bamboo sheets reviews for a better understanding of what to buy.

Cariloha bamboo sheets

Cariloha bamboo sheets

LinenSpa bamboo sheets

LinenSpa bamboo sheets


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