Mood changing chandeliers and lamps

Mood changing chandeliers and lamps

Lighting can be a really effective way to change and lift the decor of a room. Any room in a house has the potential to benefit from well thought out and well-placed lighting. The moods of a room is often dependent on getting the lighting right. We can probably all think of a room that we have entered that feels off-putting due to either too bright, stark lighting or the opposite dingy feel. So it is good to put some real thought into lighting when thinking about how to improve your home.

The first thing to decide is how to match the lighting to the style of furnishings and decorations within the room. This is a case of deciding what image or style you are trying to convey with the room. For instance, if it is a boho-chic type room then quirky lamps and frilly light fittings that are dimmable would give off the style you’re after. If it is more of a minimalist style you’re going for, then utilitarian fixtures might be more up your street. Luckily there are fixtures and fittings that will match any taste out there, it’s just a case of deciding what you want and then finding ones to suit.

Lighting can really transform and bring out the beauty in rooms. Metal orb chandeliers will give off a classy, regal vibe for example, whereas simple pendant lighting can bring out a homely, cosy feel to a room, especially if the lighting is dimmable. Other options include fan lighting or recessed ceiling or wall lighting.

Some people prefer to opt for floor lighting these days, that can really add some beautiful accents to a room. If you have wooden floors for example, the lighting can really highlight the contours and patterns within the wood. Also, walkways and stairs can benefit from this kind of lighting.

Then there are the trusty old favorite to add flavor to a room, namely lamps. Lamps are a cost-effective way to complement your existing lighting or to even provide the main lighting effects to a room. Whether it is basic table lamps or the more prominent floor lamps, they can all be used to brighten a room easily and quickly. The great thing is that they are portable too, so can be tried in different positions without difficulty.

So, if you want to impress or entice visitors to your house or you just want a nicer atmosphere to live in then changing or improving the lighting could be the key. Just a small change to the lighting can have a profound effect on your home.


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