Matched betting

A rough guide to matched betting

A rough guide to matched betting

Matched betting is one of the best ways and easiest ways to make money online if you live in the UK. Thanks to the many bookmakers out there and the many bookmaker free bets offers that are out there, you can now use these to your advantage and actually make money from these promotions. So instead of risking your own money and risking the free bets to try and win some money, you can actually use a process called matched betting to make money from these free bets and bonuses offered by the bookmakers. Matched betting involves placing two bets which covers all possible outcomes so that your risk is eradicated and you only stand to make money. Using a matched betting service, you can use their matched betting calculator to work out how much you need to be on the opposing side of the bookmakers so that you can make a guaranteed profit no matter what happens in the sporting event you are betting on.

This is possible thanks to the power of mathematics. The free bets are a marketing tactic used by pretty much all the bookmakers to encourage new customers to bet with them and the bookies then hope they will keep betting with them and losing plenty of money with them. However for the matched bettors, these free bets are used to make guaranteed profit from. Matched bettors are clever and will put any free bet promotion to use and make money from. Placing these bets is a fun way to make money whilst you are in your own home or if you are on the go, you can place bets on your mobile device and still make money from the free bets in matched betting.

To receive a free bet from the bookies, you first need to place a qualifying bet which you usually make a small qualifying loss. This bet is placed so that you can qualify for the free bet and get it credited into your betting account. Without placing the qualifying bet, you will not receive the free bet as it is part of the bookmakers’ terms and conditions so you must do the qualifying phase. The loss you make will be minimal too; it is worth losing £0.50 to make £30 from a free bet offer right? The qualifying losses can be improved much more by using matched betting software which can be found at a matched betting service. The software will scan the market for the best possible match for you so that you can get the best odds possible. When the odds are good, you qualifying losses are also good because they will be smaller. The smaller your losses are, the better off you will be. The bigger your profits, the better off you will be.

So if you want to start making money from free bets, you should do so today but I would use a matched betting service so you can be sure you are doing everything correctly. To make a mistake in matched betting can cause you to lose a lot of money. Have a read of this Oddsmonkey review for the number one matched betting service.